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Slang is not an internationally understood

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Posted on: 02/06/18

In this context this would be "good" communication. Proofread: Always proofread all writing/ articles before posting these to your web site, forum, articles directory or blog etc. y type strainer Whenever we Human Beings encounter new information our brain asks itself, "What is it"? If the brain cannot place this new information within a meaningful context the person becomes confused and LEAVES. Word "Flow": Pay attention to how your words flow.

Again, this is a brain "thing" (especially on a computer screen). The definition of good communication is the ability to share your knowledge and ideas with others, so they "get" it. If you can click a mouse button you can run a spell check. Visitors should not have to learn how to "translate" your web site in order to understand what you're trying to say. Computer Friendly Fonts: Use computer screen friendly fonts like Arial, Verdana and Tahoma. The fact that you know a lot about something should never exclude other people.

Slang is not an internationally understood language, and it is difficult to translate from one language to another. It just takes practice. Of course if your market is technical then using technical terms is appropriate. Conversions: Take into consideration currency and number conversions. This again is a brain "thing". When information is inaccessible (and people get to feel stupid because they don't understand) they LEAVE. Only provide information that readers are looking for and which is relevant to your web site theme and its products.

Perhaps a person in Italy intends to visit your city and needs to speak with a veterinarian about traveling with their pet. Reading your articles out aloud will help you with your own "flow".B.12. Point Of View: When you begin writing your first paragraph try starting the paragraph with your conclusion about the topic. State your point of view right up front, This will grab your readers' attention and keep them reading the article, because you told them "what you're going to tell them". By using the World Wide Web you can potentially reach an audience of millions of people.


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